10 Hottest Mobile Learning Solution Companies 2016

Mobile learning or ‘mLearning’ is truly becoming the learning platform of choice for the new-age learners. With handheld tablet computers, smartphones, and affordable internet connectivity, students are gaining instant access to learning materials, and educators are supporting these learning processes—beyond the classroom walls.

While technologies like HTML5 is supporting the growing need for building mobile-compatible eLearning content by being versatile, big data is presenting opportunities for institutions to examine learner preferences and improve the overall mobile training strategy. There is also a focus on wearable technologies that can turn learning into dynamic and interactive experiences in online training environments. As more and more educational institutions are exploring ways to improve educational outcomes using these technologies, there is a plethora of solution providers in the market, offering innovative solutions.

In this edition of Education Technology Insights, we present you the “10 Hottest Mobile Learning Solution Companies,” featuring the best solution and service providers offering tools in the mobile learning landscape. The listing provides a look into how these solutions work in the real world so that you can gain a comprehensive understanding of the technologies that can help institutions achieve their goals.

    Top Companies

  • Provides new generation centric mobile solutions for learning and data-driven services for educators to implement and assess their pedagogical practices.

  • A provider of smart and practical mLearning management system that facilitates and materializes the learning experience for students and educators for better focused learning.

  • Edusight helps K-12 teachers document evidence of student learning using grades, photos, audio, and video observations.

  • An adaptive learning platform focused around empowering educators, engaging students, and creating a collaborative community of learning.

  • Cloud-based technology platform that connects learning to everyday work, delivering elegant, engaging corporate learning experiences for real business impact

  • Devoted to the progress of apps that enrich lives and experiences of students and teachers uniformly through modern technology.

  • Provides sophisticated MDM solutions to streamline the modern learning processes.

  • Provides a unique mobile learning platform designed for the synchronized use of mobile devices in education.

  • Skaffl provides mobile applications and learning solutions for students and teachers alike .

  • Cellabus


    Delivers mobile device management solutions with powerful applications and content catalog.