Schoology: Simplifying the Online Learning Experience

Jeremy Friedman,Co-Founder & CEO, SchoologyJeremy Friedman,Co-Founder & CEO
As more schools and higher education institutions adopt education technology in the classroom, teachers and students are confronted with an overwhelming number of tools and apps, all of which assure higher engagement and enhance the learning experience. However, certain technologies can at times thwart student learning because of its unconventional model and lack of training on how to use it. Besides, it also lacks interactivity and visibility into student performance, which impacts the student learning experience. To overcome this shortcoming of education technology, Schoology has developed a groundbreaking, easy to use Learning Management System (LMS) platform that enhances the learning experience of students.

Based in New York City, Schoology comprises collaboration at the heart of the learning experience, to help increase the knowledge, skills, and confidence of students and instructors. Schoology’s cloud-based LMS platform enables educators to build media-rich learning communities within educational institutions, where students can share, collaborate, and learn together in the classroom and beyond. With Schoology’s data analytics and personalized learning feature, education institutions can gain deep insights into a student’s performance by visualizing student engagement, measuring performance, streamlining accreditation reporting, and developing effective student retention strategies. The centralized platform offers time-saving course management, assessment management, in-depth analytics, and flexible standards-based integrations to higher education institutions that make it simple to connect with other systems.

In addition, Schoology also offers an innate mobile learning experience through mobile apps that allow teachers to manage their classes on the go and help students engage in schoolwork in the environment they prefer. Through this app, teachers can grade, view, annotate, and provide feedback on all student submissions from anyplace. With the help of simple and reusable mobile rubrics, Schoology’s mobile app enables educators to quickly assess student performance against learning objectives.

We have used the efficiency of the mobile environment to make mobile annotations and feedback in Schoology easy, time-efficient, and powerful

“We have used the efficiency of the mobile environment to make mobile annotations and feedback in Schoology the easiest, most time-efficient, and powerful annotation functionality of any LMS today,” asserts Jeremy Friedman, Co-founder and CEO of Schoology.

Further, with the aim to provide accurate measurement of student mastery, Schoology blends learning management and assessment into one easy-to-use intuitive platform, enabling a vast network of educators and administrators to share curriculum, resources, best practices, and personal experiences to create better educational outcomes.

Empowered by digital learning ecosystem and robust features, Schoology is helping educational institutions optimize the learning experience for students and instructors. For instance, Schoology worked with Minnetonka public school to accomplish 1:1 program successfully. By leveraging Schoology as the hub of their digital cycle, teachers were able to share resources and information with students in the classroom and at home. Further, through Schoology’s mobile learning feature, Minnetonka was able to implement an iPad program seamlessly and enhance teacher-student interactions. “Our district’s use of interactive whiteboards changed teaching by digitizing instruction. Now, Schoology is making this content easily accessible to students in an online, interactive community,” asserts Dave Eisenmann, Minnetonka’s Director of Instructional Technology and Media Services.

Forging ahead, Schoology will continue to build innovative products in the education landscape to provide better teaching and learning experience for instructors and students and focus on innovations across the mobile app experiences on the iOS and Android platforms. Currently, Schoology is working on new course-level assessments, Course Materials that will eventually replace the current Test/ Quiz experience. “With the help of our innovative solution, administrators, faculty, students, and parents will be able to improve teaching and learning experience,” concludes Friedman.